About Us

JGC is geared towards being known to its learners, clients, and associates for providing up-front, high quality training services that will always leave an impression for many years to come. Extensive, cutting-edge and new generation technologies will be employed to be on par with the labour market requirements, thus ensuring ongoing relevance and competence of our learners in the labour market.



JGC strives to embody the basic conviction of the South African democratic ideal; that individuals be given full opportunity to discover and develop their talents and interests, to pursue their unique potentials and achieve an intellectually, culturally and economically satisfying relationship with society. Such opportunity should be easily available and readily accessible to all JGC learners.

Learners enrolling at JGC can be assured that JGC, as a reputable organisation, within the limits of its resources, are vigorously committed to:


To be the World-Class leader in skills training, business, financial and Management consulting service in South Africa.


To maintain strong growth as the provider of high quality skills, professional training and consulting services in South Africa.


To establish branches and structures that promotes the aims and objectives of JGC and to pursue any avenue or venture, be it profit-making and only if it serves to attain and promote the objectives of JGC and is consistent with the provision of our policies.

As a broad-based focused enterprise, JGC will serve as a SPOKEPERSON for the unemployed especially young black people (HDPs) and the communities as a whole by creating opportunities for FET Training acquisition.  JGC will strive to shake off Unemployment from historically oppressive chains in the form of: